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Dear Prospective Sponsor,

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the Wyoming Rehab Hoop Jam 3-on-3 Street   Basketball Tournament! Wyoming Rehab has hosted this community wide, fun event since 2001 and all proceeds have gone to support athletic training programs for students in our local schools. This year Wyoming Rehab will be partnering with Sheridan High School to bring this event again to Sheridan.

This year’s event will take place at Sheridan High School. We hope that this recent change in location from the Whitney Plaza to the High School will allow for more participation while still allowing for an increase in visitors to our beautiful town. This new venue should allow for more participation from school clubs to better support the students at Sheridan High School.

This year Sheridan High School athletics department will receive all the funds raised from this event. The students of Sheridan High School’s clubs will also have an opportunity to raise money during the event. Our hope is that this event will positively impact as many students from Sheridan High School as possible, as well as positively impact our community.

On average, Wyoming Rehab Hoop Jam hosts about eight to nine hundred children, students, and adults along with their families during this weekend. There are 20 courts with each team playing a minimum of four games each during the weekend.

We would greatly appreciate your partnership in this event and in providing another year of family fun for our community as we move forward in helping the students at Sheridan High School attain their athletic goals and dreams.  For more information, click here to contact us today.

Wyoming Rehab Hoop Jam Staff

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